Pick your shape

1. Click on the pictures below, It will tell you what shape it is, the dimensions and price.

2. Choose your font-scroll to bottom of page

3. Go to "Place an Order" once you are ready.

Choose which to create : Sign or Door hanger


-Hand cut wood signs,

since they are real wood there will be imperfections to the wood

-Can be stained dark, gray, or left plain to paint at the party

-All staining is done ahead of time

Brackets will be added to the back to hang on a wall.

Door Hangers

Door hangers are made out of thin wood. They are hand cut into different shapes. A wire will be attached to be able to hang these.

You can also add a bow!

New Technique

This technique is called the "hot mess" technique. You will paint your sign, then put the vinyl down, then paint a solid color over it, and then pull up the vinyl. If this is what you plan to do, you must indicate that on the order form. Other wise you will not be able to do this technique.

Fonts to chose from:

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