Ornament Parties

Join us for a limited time for Ornament Making Parties. Host your own, come to a friends, or come to an Open House. If you host your own you will receive 2 FREE ORNAMENTS! At these parties I will show you how to glitter the inside of your ornament, then we will put whatever vinyl sticker you choose on the outside. If you are doing a wood ornament I will show you how to place your stencil and paint on your words. Then we will embellish them. You do need to place your order ahead of time so I know and have time to make the words. All the words are made ahead of time and the ornaments are plastic or wood. If you cant attend a party I am taking custom orders.

Ornaments are $10 each or buy 3 get 1 free!

Please place your order below. If you plan to make more than 1 ornament, please put the info for each on the form.

I will email you an invoice to pay for your Ornament(s) one week before the party.

Pictures below: "Merry Christmas & The Rowatt's"-new wood ornaments, "Grinch & The Cox's"-Glitter Ornaments

Options for Ornaments

Click on the button below to see ornaments we have done. You can do one of those or make your own design. If you choose to do a custom design please email me (perfectlypaintedsigns@gmail.com), the design will need to be pre-approved.

Please email your order to perfectlypaintedsigns@gmail.com

(Copy & Paste the info below then fill it in)


Date & Name of the party you will be attending:


Phone #:

What would you like your ornament to say? (if you chose a personalized ornament)

Color of words (Any Regular Colors, No Glitter)?

If doing a glitter ornament what color of glitter?

If doing a wood ornament, dark stain or left plain to paint?

Other Comments:

PLEASE send a picture(s) of the ornament you like!

Contact Us


Tel: 309-532-9774

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