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-All orders are due at least one week before the party you will be attending.


-All orders will be pre-paid. Once you place your order I will send you an invoice for your payment. Invoices are sent out once I have received all of the orders for the party. 

-Once your order is placed you are responsible for payment even if you are not able to make it. There are NO Refunds.

1. If this is your first sign go for something more simple (Not a lot of words).

2.You can use more than 1 font, Please type in "Other" what other font you want to use.

3. If you have a picture of a sign that you love, please send it to me. It is really helpful.

4. You can pick any shape that I have for your sign

5. You can put ANY saying on that sign.

6. Staining is done ahead of time. I have to know at the time of ordering. Staining stinks and takes awhile to dry. We do not stain at parties

Helpful Hints

If you want your sign to look like a certain picture please email it to me at

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Tel: 309-532-9774

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